Organic germanium have extremely high medical value. According a neww study, we found it contains other 2 million other elements, and have many functions like dehydrogenation enrichment oxygen, strengthen the body’s immune system, regulating the body nerve and endocrine systems and supress lipid peroxidation. 1) Anti-tumor effect Scientist have pay a more attention on organic […]

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Monday March 7, 2011 07:47

The health benefits of germanium stones

Germanium stone,  which has 92.1% far infrared radiation rate  and wavelength of 8-10 mu that is  human optimal absorption frequencies and...

Wednesday March 2, 2011 04:00

Six health benefits of germanium

Metal is not only an important raw material of industrial construction, but also have the benefits to human health. Germanium is one of them....

Thursday February 24, 2011 14:17

Gallium Element Facts

Structure: orthorhombic Color: silvery-blue Hardness: 1.5 mohs Watch gallium metallic melt in the hand and beat like a...

Thursday February 24, 2011 12:34

Properties of germanium atoms

The electron affinity of germanium is 119 kJ mol-one. Ionisation Energies This section includes ionisation energies of germanium. Ionisation...

Saturday February 19, 2011 20:07

Helium Element Facts

Structure: usually hexagonal close-packed (v.high pressure required to solidify helium) Color: colorless Hardness: mohs Most...