The benefits and miracle cure of organic germanium

Organic germanium have extremely high medical value. According a neww study, we found it contains other 2 million other elements, and have many functions like dehydrogenation enrichment oxygen, strengthen the body’s immune system, regulating the body nerve and endocrine systems and supress lipid peroxidation.
1) Anti-tumor effect
Scientist have pay a more attention on organic germanium anti-tumor effect, at home and abroad because whether zoology experimental and clinical studies have already achieved significant results.Because of the effect, organic germanium have been widely applied to clinical. In recent years Japan, the United States, Sweden and other countries have found organic germanium is good to cancer of the stomach, lung, uterus, breast, prostate cancer and multiple myeloma.

Animal experiments reported to experiment with ge amino acid dosing 0.5 – rats are obviously persistent •and have no influnence observation of the heart rate. The results proved that organic germanium can effectively reduce the systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure, improve the clinical symptoms.


Aging is caused by multiple factor combined natural law. Aging is caused by the body’s cells themselves identify changes, mainly mesh system cells change, performance for immune system function is low, immune adjustment function and many trace elements have close relations, such as such as zinc and germanium.
Some people think aging have close relationship with radical doctrine that radical cause aging, cell damage and degeneration leads to aging. Organic germanium supress lipid peroxidation, increase immune function, have anti-cancer, antihypertensive function, thus organic germanium anti-aging, Ge – 132 anti-aging has been reported in clinical trials.

4) Prevention arteriosclerosis

The experiments that hardening of the arteries of large white rabbit 132 prevention conducted observations found in plasma lipid will not stay in vascular cause artery lining damage, blood ropy fall subsequently, blood flow velocity normalizes. In clinical experiment, treatment arteriosclerosis coronary heart disease patients, obtain satisfactory curative effect.

5) The treatment of chronic hepatitis
Ge – 132 immunosuppressive cause liver injury has obvious inhibition. Clinical observation 500 cases of patients with hepatitis b and hepatitis b, liver function is to improve the clinical symptoms improved, side effects and small.

6)The influnece on the blood system

clinical treatment improved, white and platelets normalizes, action mechanism may be through organic germanium regulate immune function cause leukopenia role, zhang carried the reports of such organic germanium hematopoiesis radiation protection and experimental study of existing cases, Shanghai report clinical curative effect.

7)Treat osteoporosis:

organic germanium improve bone cells, participate in the activity of alkaline phosphatase metabolism, resistance to osteoporosis, the world into aging society, conduct Ge – 132 to treat osteoporosis, can reduce bone fractures, benefit to mankind.

8) treat rheumatoid arthritis

Organic germanium has adjust immune function, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action, so it can treat resistance of rheumatoid arthritis.

Damage of organic germanium

Ge is a silvery white metal, mainly for the semiconductor industry, manufacturing transistors, diodes and electronic high-energy raw material, manufacturing metal alloy hardness, and for increasing pharmaceutical industry.

Ge and its compounds ge absorption excretion of low-toxic, rapid, from urine from the liver and kidney, liver and kidney ranked only trace ge.

The health benefits of germanium stones

Germanium stone,  which has 92.1% far infrared radiation rate  and wavelength of 8-10 mu that is  human optimal absorption frequencies and wavelengths, far infrared ray radiation can deep invades the body, adsorption in the human body toxic materials and heavy metal and decomposition, achieve row poison keep a yan effect, moreover far infrared ray with human cells resonate effect, forming polyure, make the capillaries, promote human blood circulation, relieve fatigue.
Germanium stone to human body there was a cool blood hemostatic, drop non-return ou functions of liver, the validity of the flat, and its principle and other iron-bearing minerals medicine, such as a magnet similar, from medical terms, contact the natural minerals can complement the human body deficiency elements and trace elements, the absorption or discharge of excess elements and micro elements, make human body maintain a characteristic is between values.

In addition, germanium and adjust the function of human body is not normal potential, in cancer potential acuteness rises, ge elements can seize cancer cell electronic, make it potential drop, inhibit the deterioration of the disease. Germanium metal semiconductor function can ascend body temperature, thus promote the blood circulation, relieve fatigue, Ge health care efficacy: can release beneficial to human body far infrared aggrandizement nature heal force, improve the body physique, prevent ageing, prevent cancer, adjust blood pressure, eliminate the toxin inside body, adjust the self-discipline chronic disease nerve, etc. Above is only for reference!

Germanium metal can through a small amount of energy (temperature) effect, but other semiconductor must through high amount of energy (high temperature, current, voltage), germanium nucleus around 32 electrons, most lateral orbital 4 electronic do irregular movement. Once the temperature rises, the lateral orbital an electronic could because of the stimulated from rail. And out of the track of electronic helps adjust biological balance of ions, make body neural circuits with abnormal returns to normal, prevent and improve body unwell feeling and massage the effect such as hot effect.
Germanium stone to human body there was a cool blood hemostatic, drop non-return ou functions of liver, the validity of the flat, and its principle and other iron-bearing minerals medicine, such as a magnet similar, from medical terms, contact the natural minerals can complement the human body deficiency elements and trace elements, the absorption or discharge of excess elements and micro elements, make human body maintain a characteristic is between values.

Six health benefits of germanium

Metal is not only an important raw material of industrial construction, but also have the benefits to human health. Germanium is one of them. Germanium is a suitable trace element that is applied as a dietary nutritional supplement. You may possibly not commonly hear about Germanium before but you will probably be hearing a significant about it in the long term. Health professionals and scientists have been performing tests and studies on Germanium for a long time and now have discovered that Germanium has some significant benefits when taken as a daily supplement. Listed below are the very best six health benefits which have been connected with Germanium:

1. Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol ¨C In scientific research standard utilization of Germanium as being a health supplement has been confirmed to reduce blood pressure level as well as levels of cholesterol. Wouldn??t it be great in case you could regular your cholesterol and your blood pressure naturally without getting harsh prescription medicine? You could be in a position to having a regular Germanium supplement.

2. Chronic Pain Relief ¨C Patients who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis as well as other chronic and incredibly painful conditions reported through the course of several studies that taking regular Germanium supplements appeared to slow up the discomfort and stiffness that they felt form their conditions.

3. Regulate body function ¨C Germanium is shown to help your body “fix” itself when normal body functions have gone away from whack as a consequence of illness, medication, diet or other reasons. Taking regular numbers of Germanium will help “reset” your body so that all your critical body systems run like they are designed to.

4. Fight molecular damage ¨C Doctors discovered that patients they handled with Germanium had less cellular abnormalities and molecular damage than people who didn??t take regular supplements of Germanium.

5. Improves your immune system . This might be the single most significant benefit of taking Germanium, and the benefit that make the doctors be excited. Germanium has been confirmed to stimulate the immune system which assists your body fight back against illness or disease. Nothing will provide help to beat an illness like your own body, so a supplement like Germanium that triggers your own immune system to start working or start working harder is actually the particular very best way to combat illness. Medications can never duplicate your own immune system, and that’s why having a healthy immune system is so important.

6.Cure your cancer such as lung cancer.Organic germanium 132 and screw germanium have obvious antitumor activity, and low toxicity, especially with the advantages that do not have bone marrow toxicity. In control of tumors and adjuvant radiation and chemotherapy, they have entered into clinical trial stage.

Gallium Element Facts

Structure: orthorhombic Color: silvery-blue
Hardness: 1.5 mohs

Watch gallium metallic melt in the hand and beat like a heart.

High-efficiency, triple-junction gallium arsenide solar cells cover the sides of U.S. Naval Academy satellite MidSTAR-1 (Photo: NASA)

Harmful effects:

Gallium is considered to be non-toxic.


Gallium is a silvery, glass-like, soft metallic. It sits close to the non-metals in the periodic table and its metallic properties aren’t as obviously metallic as most other metals. Strong gallium is brittle and is a poorer electrical conductor than lead.

The solid metallic fractures conchoidally. (Conchoidally means like a shell – the fractured surfaces are curved like a sea shell.)

Gallium has the largest liquid range of any element and is 1 of the few metals that is liquid near space temperature ( 29.76 oC, 85.6 oF ), melting in the hand.

The other metals with this property are cesium, francium and mercury.

Bromine is the only non-metallic element that is liquid at or around room-temperature.

Gallium liquid clings to or wets glass and similar surfaces.

Gallium also has the unusual property that (like water) it expands as it freezes.

Four other elements expand when they freeze; silicon, bismuth, antimonyand germanium


Low melting gallium alloys are used in some medical thermometers as non-toxic substitutes for mercury.

Gallium arsenide is employed in semiconductor production mainly for laser diodes, light-emitting diodes and solar panels.It is also utilized to produce brilliant mirrors.

Properties of germanium atoms

The electron affinity of germanium is 119 kJ mol-one.

Ionisation Energies

This section includes ionisation energies of germanium.

Ionisation energy number Enthalpy /kJ mol-one
1st 762
2nd 1537.5
3rd 3302.1
4th 4411
5th 9020

Electronic configuration

The following represents the electronic configuration and its associated term symbol for the ground state neutral gaseous atom. The configuration related with germanium in its compounds is not necessarily the same.

  • Ground state electron configuration: [Ar].3d10.4s2.4p2
  • Shell structure:
  • Term symbol: 3P

Helium Element Facts

Structure: usually hexagonal close-packed (v.high pressure required to solidify helium) Color: colorless
Hardness: mohs

Most individuals know what speaking following breathing helium sounds like. If you don’t, listen here. And what about sulfur hexafluoride?

At shut to absolute zero, helium becomes a superfluid. How will it behave?

Harmful effects:

Helium is not recognized to be toxic.


Helium is a light, odorless, colorless, inert, monatomic fuel.It can form diatomic molecules, but only weakly and at temperatures shut to absolute zero.

Helium has the lowest melting point of any component and its boiling point is shut to absolute zero.

Unlike any other element, helium does not solidify but remains a liquid down to absolute zero ( K) below ordinary pressures.

The voice of somebody who has inhaled helium temporarily sounds higher-pitched.


Helium is used for filling balloons (blimps) and for pressurizing liquid fuel rockets.

Mixtures of helium and oxygen are used as an artificial ‘air’ for divers and others working below pressure. Helium is utilized instead of the nitrogen in regular air due to the fact, right after a long dive, helium leaves the body quicker than nitrogen, allowing faster decompression.

Helium is employed as a gasoline shield in the vicinity of arc welding and in cryogenics, preventing, for example, any reaction of hot metal welds with oxygen. The gas is employed in the semi-condictor business to provide an inert atmosphere for growing silicon and germanium crystals.It is also utilized as a higher temperature gas in titanium and zirconium production, and as a carrier gasoline in in fuel chromatography.

By virtue of its extremely low temperature, liquid helium is used to produce superconductivity in some ordinary metals.

Size of germanium in several environments

A single measure of measurement is the component-element distance within the aspect. The bond length in GeGe is: 245. pm. It is not always easy to make sensible comparisons between the elements nonetheless as some bonds are quite quick simply because of multiple bonding (for instance the O=O distance in O2 is quick because of the the double bond connecting the two atoms.

There are several other ways techniques to define radius for atoms and ions. Comply with the suitable hyperlinks for literature references and definitions of each sort of radius. All values of radii are offered in picometres (pm). Conversion factors are:

  • 1 pm = one x 10-12 metre (meter)
  • 100 pm = 1 Ångstrom
  • 1000 pm = one nanometre (nm, nanometer)

Neutral radii

The size of neutral atoms depends upon the way in which the measurement is made and the atmosphere. Adhere to the suitable hyperlinks for definitions of each radius type. The term “atomic radius” is not particularly useful although its use is widespread. The dilemma is its meaning, which is clearly really distinct in various sources and books. Two values are provided here, 1 is based upon calculations and the other upon observation – follow the suitable link for additional details.

  • Atomic radius (empirical): 125 pm
  • Atomic radius (calculated): 125 pm
  • Covalent radius (2008 values): 120 pm
  • Molecular single bond covalent radii: 121 (coordination number four)pm
  • Molecular double bond covalent radii: 111 pm
  • Molecular triple bond covalent radii: 114 pm
  • Covalent radius (empirical): 122 pm
  • van der Waals radius: no details pm

Ionic radii

This table gives some ionic radii. In this table, geometry refers to the arrangment of the ion’s nearest neighbours. Measurement does depend upon geometry and environment. For electronic configurations, where it matters, the values offered for octahedral species are low spin unless stated to be high spin. The terms low spin and high spin refer to the electronic configurations of particular geomtries of specific d-block metal ions. Further info is obtainable in inorganic chemistry textbooks, typically at Degree 1 or 1st Year University level. For definitions of ionic radius and more info, comply with the hypertext link.

Ion Coordination kind Radius / pm
Ge(IV) four-coordinate, tetrahedral 53.
Ge(II) 6-coordinate, octahedral 87
Ge(IV) 6-coordinate, octahedral 67

Pauling ionic radii

This table shows Pauling radii for germanium
Ion Pauling radius / pm
Ge(I) 76
Ge(IV) 53
Ge(-I) 371
Ge(-III) 272

Indium Element Facts

Structure: tetragonal, distorted fcc structure Color: silvery-white
Harmful effects: Indium is considered to be of low toxicity. Hardness: 1.2 mohs
Characteristics: Indium is a very soft, silvery-white lustrous metal. Indium liquid clings to or wets glass and similar surfaces. Like gallium, indium remains in a liquid state over a wide range of temperatures.When heated above its melting point, it burns with a violet flame to the sesquioxide (In2Othree).
Uses:Indium is utilized in the production of low-melting alloys, normally with gallium.The melting point depends on the ratio of indium to gallium.An alloy with 24% indium and 76% gallium, for example, melts at 16 oC. (1)This sort of alloy can be used as a non-toxic alternative to mercury in some applications.Compounds of indium are utilized in the semiconductor business for germanium transistors, thermistors, rectifiers and photocells.Indium can be coated on metals and evaporated onto glass, to form mirrors equal to that made with silver but more corrosion resistant.Indium-tin oxide thin films are employed for liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

germanium: crystal structure

Here is some info about the crystal framework of germanium.

  • Area group: Fm-3m (Space group number: 225)
  • Construction: ccp (cubic close-packed)
  • Cell parameters:
    • a: 565.seventy five pm
    • b: 565.seventy five pm
    • c: 565.75 pm
    • α: ninety.000°
    • β: 90.000°
    • γ: ninety.000°

You might view the construction of germanium:

  • interactively (Jmol) or
  • non-interactively


H. P. Singh, Acta Crystallogr., 1968, 24A, 469.

Boron Element Facts

Structure: rhombohedral; B12 is icosahedral. Color: black
Hardness: 9.three mohs

Boron compounds burn with a green flame. The distinctive colour leads to use in fireworks.

Boron is an ionic element – pure boron can exist as a mixture of positive and negative boron ions.

Harmful effects:
Elemental boron is not known to be toxic.

Boron is a metalloid, intermediate between metals and non-metals.It exists in several polymorphs (different crystal lattice structures), some much more metallic than others. Metallic boron is very hard and has a really high melting point.

Boron does not generally make ionic bonds, it forms stable covalent bonds.

Boron can transmit portions of infrared light.

Boron is a poor room temperature conductor of electricity but its conductivity improves markedly at higher temperatures.

Boron is employed to dope silicon and germanium semiconductors, modifying their electrical properties.

Boron oxide (B2O3) is employed in glassmaking and ceramics.

Borax (Na2BfourO7.10H2O) is used in making fiberglass, as a cleansing fluid, a water softener, insecticide, herbicide and disinfectant.

Boric acid (HthreeBO3) is used as a mild antiseptic and as a flame retardant.

Boron Nitride’shardness is second only to diamond, but it has much better thermal and chemical stability, hence boron nitride ceramics are employed in high-temperature equipment.

Boron nitride nanotubes can have a similar structure to carbon nanotubes. BN nanotubes are much more thermally and chemically stable than carbon nanotubes and, unlike carbon nanotubes, boron nitride nanotubes are electrical insulators.

Boron carbide (B4C) is employed in tank armor and bullet proof vests.